About us

We are a Danish-owned MTB tour operator, who has been arranging adventurous mountain bike tours for several years. With love and support from our customers, we have been able to grow our business rapidly during the last couple of years.

Our growth has enabled us to expand further with new destinations, so now we have got five destinations in four different countries in Europe. Our staff counts 10 full-time employees – all of us are extremely passionate about mountain biking. We look forward to riding with you and to show you our very best MTB trails.

Our history

As a seasoned mountain biker, Martin Nørris travelled to the Harz year after year to ride his mountain bike in the mountains. Here, the dream of making a living of his greatest interest – mountain biking - surfaced little by little. So, he started as a MTB tour operator under the name of MTB Harzen, targeting Danish mountain biking enthusiasts. A pretty neat name, when your plan is to arrange MTB tours in the Harz.

After running the business for a couple of years with great success, Martin took a flight to Malaga in Southern Spain in 2017 with the goal of establishing a new division of the business. He succeeded to do so – which led to the need for a new business name.

Therefore, in 2018, MTB Harzen changed its name to MTB Travels. A more embracing and expressive name, as the business expanded with destinations in Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland and Spain.

As it might seem, we are working our butts off while having fun to continue our development – in order to be the favourite tour operator for MTB enthusiasts.  

We’ll see you out there on the trails.

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